Saturday, November 18, 2006

I'm done.

University of California, Berkeley.

I'm done.

Today was my last paper at Taylor's Business School. After being here for 3 years, its time for me to close this chapter. What I have found out during my prep for my finals this time round, is that Ive learn to love a weird studying habit.

2-6pm @ Coffee Bean / Starbucks at 1Utama.
10-5am @ McDonalds, SS15.


Id miss those nights where its 10pm and I find myself at the library that serves food and music. And when it reaches 4am, its so quiet you feel alive. Together with the rest of the students filled with stress. Exam period is just exciting.

Id miss the small-time-celebrity-factor that I have at TBS. With my face at a couple of corners round the school, there are always friendly people who go 'Hey are you Sam?' and some even friendlier people looking very friendly at you.

Id miss the people that I hang out with. They make all the difference. From deciding where to eat before class ends to sharing life as students together, I hope to find friends as I have here in Sydney.


Its holiday time for me till I leave, this is fun. Brisbane is up first.

Juggling anyone?

Monday, November 13, 2006

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Disneyland, Hong Kong.

I recently read from a friend, on what he thought of that question. Never have I seen it in that light, and after giving it some thought, I agree with him. What did he say?


1. What do you want to be… most of the time, leads people into boxes of convention, to pick some static state, and attach ideas of permanence.

2. …when you grow up Suggests that growth sort of stops at some point. This is even worse when age is assumed to have something to do with being “grown up”.


Amazingly, everyone has been asked that question. In so many lights, it damaging, giving us a boxed up image of the future and a final destination that we have arrived.

Saying so, that question still helps people to dream, and without dreams, chances are, we will get no where. Although it sets a state for us to become, it did not state the type of state that we have to set. Its more in the way we answer the question that leads to our personal growth.

Growing up should never stop, but we do grow out of things. We grow out of finding joy in playing with action figures or barbie dolls by ourselves. We grow out of being naive that the world is a happy place. We grow up, by slowly discovering more of ourselves.

So what do you wanna be when you grow up?


Derivative Securities in 21 hours. This is really exciting.

Nobody's Watching. This is pure cool.