Monday, December 31, 2007



So long, so quickly, the year went by. For me, 2007 would be one of those years that I will never forget. Its the year where:

  • Moved to Sydney as an international student. New place, new people, new life. The experience has been priceless.

  • Joined the Hillsong family. Its been more than a blessing to be with them. There is such abundance when you are attached to something much greater than yourself.

  • Overloaded my first semester here with 5 subjects, and it has been my best semester academically ever.

  • I found you, something I never thought could happen once before. Thank you for allowing me to hope again, even when hope always comes with a price.

  • Jelly and Janggut came to Sydney. The joy of meeting up with people from back home. The excitement that flows from my soul as stories are told. It assures me where my heart is.

  • Turned 21. The year they all talk about was not as drastic as they claim it to be. But its official, I am a young adult. Cheers to this time frame and all that it brings.

  • Dad left for Singapore. Although I cannot really feel the impact as I am away. I believe the move was significant, we are growing as a family, more than ever before.

  • Finished university. I am done with my life as a student. The next steps are crucial as I steer towards the right direction. I choose to head north.

  • Spent Christmas away from home for the first time. It was different, yet enjoyable, thanks to great company. We did not open our presents together this year.

  • That goodbye was for real. Can we say hello?


It has been an amazing year, with many ups and downs. The final joy of being a student. Many look back at the days where they studied abroad, and say that it was the best of times. I am believing that,

The best is yet to come.

2008 is going to be phenomenal year, where growth exceeds beyond my capacity of thought. The season of the working world as they say, it would be the year where I find my passion meeting my abilities.


"Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars, and they pass by themselves without wondering."
- Augustine.

For the times when I wondered through the busy streets and could not find me. Thank You for pointing me in the right direction.

For the times when I was alone and in pain, where I could not see the end to the night. Thank You for being beside me.

For the times when I could not bring myself to accept who I am and all my imperfections. Thank You for loving me anyways.


Still deciding where I shall go for one of the world's greatest events.

To everyone, may 2008 be the best year of your life just yet.

The 12 Tenets I want to live by.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Lessons from Sydney: #2 Begin with the End in Mind.

The End.

I do not consider myself an expert in public speaking, but my few experiences of it has thought me one thing, it is always good to begin with the end in mind. That simple task of knowing the end point of our message allows us to craft the script from its introduction, flowing to how the story unfolds and reaches its climax, and the ending that is to resonate with our listeners.

My journey here in Sydney has been like public speaking. In every speech, there are bits and pieces that we need to cut off, as time is limited. We must always focus on feeding the most important elements that would be beneficial to our message. Beginning with the end in mind has helped me to understand the elements that are involved in Sydney's message.

The few experiences of speaking to a crowd have also thought me that not everything will always go as we hope for. There might be technical glitches, or we might forget our script and blank out. Not forgetting that we might have a difficult audience, the worst being those who drain our energy. That is the reason we must always have our guard up, and be present in the moment so that when errors come about, we are ready to troubleshoot.


To begin the end in mind comes easily when the end that we perceive is what we want and hope for. It is always easy to channel energy and emotion to something we enjoy doing, to reach our state of peak performance in that arena. The problem is,

What happens when we cannot find the end that we want?

How do we begin something when there is no end in mind that we want move towards? Or how do we end something when we do not want to go there? I have often found it hard to move in those situations, and the only way out is to go back to the start. To the why we have that message in the first place, the reason we are where we are.


Missy Higgins was unbelievable, and the land of Kiwis was amazing. Billy Elliot was a great treat, and Tina Arena is next at the Opera House.

The secret to raising smart kids.

Time is closing in.

Saturday, December 15, 2007



Saturday, December 01, 2007

Lessons from Sydney: #1 Preparation is Key.

Preparation Precedes Blessings.

As I left the exam hall, walking in the drizzle back home, a sense of mixed feelings clouded my heart on that cloudy day. I am done with university life. This chapter is coming to a close. What happens next in this story is really determined by the path I choose to steer towards. Mediocre or great, I choose.

Having my 'family' from Melbourne and Perth over in Sydney was a short preview of life back in Malaysia. There is nothing greater than spending time with those you care about. To relate to people who share the experience of growing up in the same environment. To look back, and into the future of our lives, thank you.


I said my first goodbye today. It is a start of many to come as I pack my bags for home. It is a time of reflection, for the moments that have transpired in my short stint here, understanding the lessons of life learned and fully embracing every emotion of parting with a life that I will never see again.

Preparation is Key.

Regardless of how blessed we are, I have always believed preparation precedes blessings. Just like a student preparing for an exam, or a tourist preparing for a holiday, preparation helps us to be ready, to be free of unwanted stress. Above all, it allows us to enjoy the ride when the moment comes.

From the simple things such as logistics of the series of events, to the visualization of what is to come, preparation prepares us to be in that state of readiness. We have to ensure we have covered the things we can, and expect the unexpected, as life is never really as it seems. To progress to the unpredictable, the unknown, it is necessary.

Saying so, we must never forget that the moment is far greater than any preparation process. It is how we respond to the situations that require our utmost self that is important. We can prepare all our lives, and never seize the moment when it arrives. There needs to be that sense of urgency that life is lived in the present, not yesterday, or tomorrow.


Catching Missy Higgins tonight, and heading to the land down under of the Kiwis tomorrow. I can't believe it is December, just a few more weeks to home.

Preparation is key, but we should never live like this.

I remember.