Saturday, April 21, 2007


It has been awhile.

They say there is strength in silence.

One of the reasons why I've been silent, is to find that strength. The new life here in Sydney has been a smooth transition, but issues of the heart still find its way around me. As I'm finding the way to stand still, I'm finding my way back home.


As I've moved out of the busy lifestyle back in KL, generally I've the time to the foundational things that I've wanted to do. Necessary things such as sleeping, reading, spending quality time with people and exercising. But yet, I find myself being 'busy', not really moving on from the life I lived.

The importance of being slow.

For most of us, we enjoy speed. It gives us the adrenaline rush. Personally, I enjoy exam time because its during that period, I actually feel like a real student. The feeling of cramming everything in a few hours, in some weird way makes me feel alive for the moment.

For most of us, we want to win. Winning would normally be determined by the first person who hits the finish line. We strive for the best things in life. We want the best job that allows us to work with the best people, gives us serious satisfaction while being paid loads to do it.


Saying so, we rush to beat others in getting there. 'There' would be anything that we perceive of worth, we are in want of instant gratification. May it be to enter the best universities, getting our first million, or finding companionship. We want it badly, and we want it now.

But there is strength in taking it slow. Just as how a body builder is able to bench those 156 kilos, is because he took it slow to break his muscles over and over again.

I am reminded even as I am preparing myself for the next season of life in the working world, that we need to take it slow. To take one step at a time, to enjoy the ride, to sit back and understand...that life is beautiful when we decide it is.


To Chris, regardless of the results, know that the world is looking for people such as yourself. Am more than just proud of you.

He was seriously sick live.

More than anyone.