Sunday, October 28, 2007


Time is a great revealer.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Are You Happy Now? are you?

I guess that is one of the most important questions we can ask someone if we truly care about them. It is not about someone doing fine as much as we are a custom with asking how one is and expect the usual 'fine', 'okay' or 'great, couldn't be better'. But I believe we should go deeper, and be in-tuned to how we really are.

Are you happy now?

Take note that the question did not refer to our past state of happiness or the perception of happiness we would experience in the near future, but it simply requires the condition of the present. The now that so many times, we forget to address as we proceed on with our daily lives.

Put aside the usual hugs and kisses when we meet each other, the depth of our relationships truly determines the quality of the life that we live, and on many accounts, how happy we are. To question the unquestionable, to find our deepest emotions that ignites our hearts.

Are we really putting the effort to be real?


A friend asked me recently about what made me happy and how we could be happy as people, stating that I was a happy virus to her. As I smiled as I was inspired by that comment, if I would to be brutally honest with myself, being truly happy has been one of my challenges for the longest time now.

I wouldnt say that there werent times that I was happy, or that I am constantly struggling to keep afloat at the moment, as I believe that season has come to an end. But there have been times where happiness seemed so far away, that period of the lonely desert storm.

Saying so, I still believe there is a rainbow after every battle.

As Im learning to accept the things that I cannot change, to live with the choices and decisions I have made, being grateful has helped heaps. There is such power when we start focusing on whats right instead of whats wrong. Not only do we generally become happier, but I believe more successful and productive.

Its more of what happens within us than it is what goes around in our environment. Question is, what are we doing when happiness is largely an internal choice?


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