Tuesday, August 22, 2006

One Life // One World.

One of the crazy weeks of the year.

A quick one before it all really begins.

Whats up for me?

  • Orientation of Youth Workshop.
  • Interviewed to intro the Youth Workshop for the Opening Night.
  • Set up of Studios.

  • Facilitate 'Prepare Your Mind for Action'.
  • Run Studios.
  • Study for Auditing and Assurance.

  • Take Auditing and Assurance Mid-Sem Paper.
  • Go for Battle at Bukit Cahaya.
  • Practice for Main Worship Service on Sunday.

  • Youth Workshop Closing.
  • Carnival Prep.
  • One Life * One World Concert.

Saturday & Sunday
  • Carnival at Prima Selayang.
  • One Life * One World Concert.
  • Play for Main Worship.


Guess everything is gonna end in a blink of an eye.

And then...the next chapter starts.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Do you like to do it...auto-style?

A huge chunk of my teenage life was on Autopilot.

Come to think of it, I think Ive spent half of my years on sleep-mode. I cant really remember clearly what took place during the early stages of my teenage days. Its a blur, I sort of know what happened, but yet, at times...I wonder how it felt.

Those were the days when I started in secondary school, it was all about having fun. No real desire to achieve anything, besides having a great time in class playing games, I was waiting eagerly to rush to the cyber cafe every waking moment.

I used to spend 6 hours a day at the cyber cafe during the school holidays.

Things didn't really change, least not when I was still in school. Only when I got into college, and realized, man, if I wanna make it...Id better start doing something. So it started off really well, scoring High Distinctions with an ease. I was even supposed to be awarded a scholarship from Securities Commission, that's another story all together.

But looking back, I think my last few semesters in University, I might have gone Autopilot in my studies.


I somehow, made myself believe that EVERYTHING is easy, as long I believe it is. And to many extents, I still believe it is.

That belief system thought me that anything can be done, sometimes to the point that I discard the time factor. Guess that's the reason, Ive been on Autopilot. I dont use my brain at times, I just listen as I believe I can take it in all at one go.

Results from last semester proved me wrong. Wasn't the worst case scenario, but I didn't manage to score Distinctions. Ive gotta come out of this Autopilot mode in my studies quick. Sometimes, flying your own plane is always better.

Darn, I might have closed some doors because of what took place. Im up against a very talented and intelligent people all over. The Regional Award only speaks so much. Ive gotta put my act together in academics, before its really too late.


But besides that, this coming week would be insane. Ive got these coming up at 1 go:

1. Investment Analysis Assignment Due
2. Assurance and Audit Mid Semester
3. E06

Been having about 5 hours of sleep this week, cant imagine how many I would be having next week. With E06 thats going to drain ALL my physical energy, I bought a dozen 'Red Bulls' to keep me going.

Cheers to all that's happening.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Can you keep a secret?

Can you really keep a secret?

Whats the biggest secret that youre hiding?

What if one day, everyone could see the real you?

Would they be surprised?

Or would they go, 'Yup...thats the Sam we all know!'?

Like it or not, all of us share some little secret. Big or small, no one ever really knows us. It might be something we put in our heart never to tell,...or sometimes, we just don't know how to share.

Im not sure if I'll ever get to open all my closets. Put away what people would think of you, what if that closet involves someone else? A whole group of people perhaps? Would coming clean be the best thing to do?

In the words of Meredith,

"The truth...it hurts sometimes...so we lie."

They always say that honesty is the best policy. But is it really so?

Thats something we would only know if we really try.


On a lighter note, UC Berkeley, the University that I studied at during my trip to the States in June, is ranked No.5 in the world. Now, thats pretty cool. Just maybe, I'll do my postgraduate there.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Teenage Firsts.

1 year old Sam.

As I approach the end of my teenage life, Im in the process of reflecting. Oh the many things Ive done in this period. The period where most people learn to love or to hate.

For me, I will always view it as one of the most significant times of my life. It is the season where I found myself, wrestled with God.

And I hope that I would continue to find myself,...and wrestle with God.

Here are some firsts, just in case I grow old and forget:

First time running out of school.
2. First time making a teacher cry.
3. First time being a teacher in school. (I somehow managed to bluff those kids! Maybe they really thought I was balding.)
First time getting drunk.
5. First cigar.
First love.
7. First kiss.
8. First sermon.
9. First job.
10. First 'business' trip.

Do you still remember how it feels to be a teenager?

Monday, August 14, 2006


At times, I feel like skipping parts of my day, just to get thru the moment. Cause we all, at a certain point in our life, face sucky days, weeks, months, and even years. God forbid, some experience life so badly, theres really almost nothing to thank God for.

I mean, cant we all just fast forward to the end of our story? Wouldnt that be easier? Yes, we all know that lifes a journey, the media tells us that so often, it seems corny. I even laugh at times when I hear that statement. But seriously, why all the trouble?

We are all going to end up at the same place after all. ...right?

Our long trip is tiring, its so painful at times, why bother? We usually remember the bad days rather than the good ones, the pot holes on the road seems more evident than the smooth tar. If we took a good look around, is life really that beautiful?

So...whats up really?

Today, Im reminded, and no one tells it better than him.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lap 1

"A short stop during a long trip for a rest." - Oxford Advanced Learner's

I always thought that I'd start blogging when I settle down in Sydney next year.

Looks like Tony got me to do it sooner, after the talk yesterday.

Welcome everyone, to my pit stop.