Saturday, February 03, 2007


What is your ideal world?

We live in a world where idealism is dead. We have come to an understanding that the world is not perfect, that regardless of how hard we try, there is only so much we can do to make a difference. Maybe just in our own lives, or the lives of people close to our hearts, change is possible.

Saying so, there are issues in our life that we hope only for an ideal.

We want an ideal body, career, family, relationship, marriage and the list goes on. Being the selfish beings we are, we would do anything to achieve that ideal want. In that desperate need for acceptance, at times, we might push aside what we really want, for what we want to have to be an ideal person.

But is it wrong to want an ideal life?


It's always important to visualize what we want. Besides the fact that it helps us materialize our desires faster, it helps us know what we want, and at times...understand the reason behind our dreams.

With everything that is being preached to us thru the media, family and friends, we have already a pre-set vision of our ideal life. We kind of know what we want, or what we should want. But often, we forget to understand the reason.

As we fight for the things the world portrays right, not all of us are fully happy when we get them. We let go of things that doesn't seem to be ideal, pushing aside anything out of the norm, believing that something different is unacceptable and impossible.


Are we really living our life?

Are we chasing what we really want?

Or are we just fighting for an ideal life?

An ideal life that at times...we do not understand why it was ideal in the first place. And maybe one day we find ourselves wondering what could have been if we chased after the things that mattered the most.


With only a week left before Sydney, its been busy.

The final arrangements and the final goodbyes.

All I really want is you.

Can't believe I saw him live.