Sunday, September 24, 2006

I Dont Want A Family.

Do you want a family?

"I dont want a family."

Ive been hearing those lines frequently the past few months. At first, I thought it was weird. But after having many people telling me that, I think it might just be a norm nowadays. The entity of a family has lost its touch.

Studies show that our main source of influence for our generation would be our friends. As compared to the previous generation, parents played the most important role in giving advice and necessary information about life.

Could it be...that families dont work anymore?

Most people that Ive talked to that do not want a family or kids gave some similar opinions:

1. The world isnt a very nice place, why bring a child in to suffer?
2. Families dont really work, I know mine did not.
3. Reason why the family system doesnt work is because I dont think my marriage is gonna last.

And I guess perhaps because we are so individualistic now, that we dont bother with anything else. I mean, why bother all the trouble of commitment to another person and raising kids when we can live life to the fullest by ourselves?


Cant possibly imagine raising a family at the moment. Theres just so much that I wanna do. A cute kid? Sure it would be lotsa fun, but a kid would mean pushing or slowing the many things that I want to accomplish.

But...I want a family.

I thank God for the family Im in. Wouldnt be half the person I am if its not because of my parents and the way they have brought me up, or rather, the way they have showed me how to live. And Id like to repeat that cycle with being the dad this time.

Its not only heaps of fun, but I remember my family as a place where I find security. For me, its been safe here, and I hope it continues that way. At home, I can just be myself and not be worried that they will judge or love me any less.

As the time approaches for me to leave home, Im trying to embrace every moment of it.


Ive booked my accommodation in Sydney, and soon the flight there. Would be speaking again at Taylor's College this week, its gonna be fun.

This is just cool.

Monday, September 18, 2006

What Makes You Tick?

What Makes You Tick?

Some people told me that they have never seen me angry.

Truth is, I do get angry. Just that, most of the times, when I do, its at my family. Why? Maybe its because I expect more from them. My bros get it the most especially when it comes to the things that make me tick. You dont wanna make me tick, or get angry for that matter.

So what makes me tick?

I get annoyed by incompetent people.

Especially when they present themselves all great, then dont deliver. Somehow it gets to me. Maybe its because of the way Im made, I just cant stand them. Most of the time, it doesnt show. Why? Not because I try to fake it, I dont really believe in the faking business.

I tell aint worth it.

I dont get ticked all the time, cause I dont believe its worth getting ticked. Problem with that, theres a tendency to lower the value of people, believing that they are not worth being angry at. Id like to believe, all of us are of worth. Cause if we are not, whats the value of life?


Saying so, how competent are University graduates? Most of my mates, including myself, cant remember what we did last semester. Why are we pushing all for academics when chances are, after graduating, we might just forget all that we have learnt?

Im a strong believer in education. Its through education that a nation will grow. Take our Southern neighbour for an example. They are civilized simply because they have the brains to be. Not until we get everyone to move forward, will we really move on.

But in Uni, its about building our lenses. Its how we think, its how we see things, it forms who we can be. Most of the time, we wont be using what we learnt in Uni. But we would most probably be using our techniques that we acquired to learn what we learnt in Uni in life.


One of my angels would be leaving this coming week. Am gonna miss you.

Malaysia's politics d=)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Its A Small World After All.

Olympic National Park, Washington.

Most of us view the world as we see it. Day in day out, we accept the things that come our way. So what if others are progressing and we are still stuck here in the moment? Its our life anyways...right?

I love going overseas, cause whenever I do, I get the feeling that for that moment, life is bigger than what I usually see. My recent trip to Hong Kong and the United States reminded me, that its not a small world after all.

The world is huge, and we are only a small fraction of it. Too many times, I go back to the way we Malaysians were brought up, I dont question. So what if the system is like that? Its not that anyone can do anything about it...right?

We sometimes...just dont care.

After speaking to the top 10 teams of the Taylor's Business Plan Competition, I took back more than what I went there with. While challenging them to question every rule, I shot that question back at myself,

Do I question enough?

Not questioning leads us to a life where we just accept the norm. And for most of us, when we do not challenge the norm, is when we never live to our full potential. The world is so much bigger than what we experience everyday.


I was once told that the richest place on the earth is the graveyard. Buried beneath the soil within are...

dreams that never came to pass,
songs that were never sung,
books that were never written,
paintings that never filled a canvas,
ideas that were never shared,
visions that never became a reality,
inventions that were never designed,

and purposes that were never fulfilled.


What are we doing with our potential?

Do we really know what our purpose here is?

Are we accepting everything that comes our way?

Cause its really not a small world after all. Lifes a stage, we all have our roles in this play, are we happy and satisfied with our characters? If anything at all, the ball is on our court if we arent contented.


Last Saturday was my first time getting paid to do a seminar. Wouldnt mind doing that again ;o)

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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Are you hiding under your bed?

While playing 10 questions, a friend asked me,

"What's your phobia?"

I paused, and gave it a thought.

But somehow, I didnt manage to find something that I was really afraid of. I used to be scared of being at high places, but I think Ive overcome that. Many things crossed my mind, and not one of them, Id like to label them as my phobia.

Could it possibly be that Im without much fear?

Then one came up...Im afraid of failure.

Maybe its because of what Ive got out of life so far. Things usually go on pretty well with most of the things I lay my hands upon. Maybe its because Ive not experience failure drastic enough, thats why when I really think about it, Im afraid.

What if I dont make it big?

What if I stumble and fall one day?

What if after all, I still cant seem to love?

Weird, but I was happy that I found something that Im afraid of. Makes me feel abit. And its always nice feeling, cause no one likes a numb soul.


Its past 3am in the morning, and the only thing keeping me alive is the fear of Investment Analysis.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

When did you grow up?

TBS's Business Plan Competition

When did you grow up?

I don't remember exactly when, or if I've reached that stage of adulthood. Most people agree that you get your keys when you turn 21. Somehow, I never really believed that. Does it take that long before you actually get your freedom, which they equate to being an adult?

So I challenged, I wanted out. I didn't want to be just another teenager that went thru the moments of sex, drugs and alcohol. Mixing with the older bunch in church did train my thought life towards taking my place in society. But is it really neat to be a grown up?

After awhile, I found myself getting bored with the computer games, bored of the things that I used to really like. Surprisingly, I got excited when it came to subjects like 'how to run a corporation', 'leadership qualities', 'hitting your first million' and everything else a person 10 years older than me, would be looking at...if they are in their sane mind.

That really got my worried. I didn't want to grow up so fast, I like being a kid. Its nice being free without responsibilities, where I can play each passing day. Knowing that I've always had this thing for computer games, as I even thought of taking it as a career when I was 15, the solution was...I started playing dota.

For most people, its really for the fun of it. I started forcing myself, selfishly because I wanted to know if I can still be a kid. With the rational mind that its a platform for me to get to know people better. It was real fun, for the moment, and many times, as much as I got bored of it, I continued, because...I don't wanna grow up.

So have I grown up?

I guess in many ways, I have. But Id like to believe, that there's still a kid in everyone of us. That life can return to us the feeling of a child when we meet Someone who is really bigger than we are. To know that all that we know, is really nothing as to what is really out there.


This week is another crazy week for me, besides the 2 papers that I've to sit for, Taylor's College asked Khai Lee and I to give a seminar on 'How To Win A Business Plan Competition'. Guess its pretty cool speaking to not only my peers, but seniors at my university.

The last lap here in Malaysia is really interesting. And Im trying to be at every moment of it.