Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2 Days. Everything Changes.

The Start.

So fast, so quickly, I will be stepping into the next lap of my journey. The season of being a university student passed by with many significant milestones, the good and the bad. I am reminded that these simple entries help me remember. Remembering is important, something that many of us have come to forget.

It has been more than 3 months since I got back from Sydney, honestly, my life down South seems so far away. Yet, on many occasions, I cannot believe I am home. Just a short recap:

What is the best thing about being back?
  • Being with the people that I care about the most. My family and friends, they make the world a better place to be in. The sensation of being home, there is nothing like it. The taste of home cooked food, driving out at midnight for a drink, and knowing that this is the best place for me to be at in this season of my life.
What is the worst thing about being back?
  • Not being able to find the people I once knew. I am all for change, as most of the time, good change is equivalent to growth. But not finding the people I hope to meet after a year would answer that question best. Besides that, I miss the care-free life I enjoyed in Sydney, as well as the great friends that I have come to know during my stint there.

Being away and back has to be one of the greatest experiences, to see life from a far and then come back to it, its nothing short than an extraordinary learning curve. The best bits would be learning to appreciate the simplest of life's gift, the company of amazing friends, and accepting everything as it comes our way with open arms.


As I enter the working world in 2 days, everything changes. Goodbye to the late mornings and late nights, just-a-call-away appointments, dvds into the mornings, and unending poker sessions. But more than that, it is time to steer towards what I want. To take this season as the foundation of my career, to build a solid ground for the greater things to come.

Most of the time, from the time of our parents, they have worked to put food on the table. We grow up with the ideal that whatever makes more money is the best bet. As much that its a very noble idea, to be able to feed the family more than sufficiently. I am hoping that I would learn satisfaction as I work.

Satisfaction that is not of contentment for what we already have, but that what we are doing with our lives contributes to a greater cause. Satisfaction that we are growing and reaching our full potential for all that we can become. Satisfaction, to know we are at the right place at the right time, doing the right things with the right people.


After a long break since December, I am ready for the next step.

They say memory is the new sex.

And the journey begins.